5 Things I Know For Sure | GG Renee

I probably can’t sing the praises of GG Renee enough. She is just such an inspiring figure that I have also met through the world of social media. Her blog All the Many Layers just celebrates women and creativity in such a way that is necessary in this landscape. As the title indicates, it peels back the layers that many of us are hiding under and challenges us to be transparent enough to actually see growth in our lives. It’s amazing to see how there are tons of bloggers, but each of us have such a specific call and purpose and clearly GG is flourishing in this lane. I absolutely LOVED her #30Layers30Days challenge which actually made me think and write every day. So as you can imagine, I am really excited to share with you, her 5 Things She Knows for Sure!

GG Renee, All The Many Layers

1. Life is not about good and bad and right and wrong.  At least that is not how I live my life anymore.  It's about love and fear and choosing what energy to feed from moment to moment, every day. I spent many years of my life feeling unworthy because I wasn't perfect.  Every time I made a mistake or had a nasty thought, I felt even more convinced that deep down I was a bad person.  Love taught me that it is human nature to embody both light and dark and it's the energy we choose to feed that matters.

2. Everyone is creative, but many of us are simply not inspired.  Far too often, the imaginations we were so free with as children become suppressed by the demands of life.  I believe that art and expression heals and that people can improve the quality of their lives by rediscovering their creativity.

3. Gratitude is a game-changing way of life.  The moment we start focusing on what we don't have, what's not going our way, what's not happening the way we want it to -- we are allowing ourselves to be distracted from what is really important.  Looking for the big picture.  Learning from everything.  Valuing the journey.  Appreciating what you have.  These are some of the guiding principles that differentiate happy people from unhappy people.  

4. A meaningful life cannot be captured on paper.  It's a very personal and intimate discovery of self that makes life truly fulfilling. This discovery isn't taught in the classroom or at a job. Eventually, we all encounter a moment where we have to face ourselves. In order to be fulfilled and connected to our purpose, we must come to understand our inner world and treasure it so we can know how to share it with the world and make the difference we were put here to make.

5. Failure is necessary to advance.  When we design our lives around avoiding mistakes, we are basically building walls around ourselves that hold us in and limit our potential.  Failing is not losing, failing is being brave.  It's only when we don't try that we lose.