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It's officially Women's History Month and we're back with another round of awesome women talking about the 5 Things they Know For Sure. As we develop and grow as women, there are lessons in grace all around us! I hope that you will enjoy these interviews over the next few weeks and that you are enlightened by those that are brave enough to share their own stories. To paraphrase the quote I adore from Emily Ley, let's work to be in pursuit of grace, not perfection. 

5 Things I Know For Sure Roconia Price

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Roconia \ruhCONNuh\ (n.) a beautiful balance between blessed and broken. A self-proclaimed revolutionary, Roconia is the Founder of Moredinary and the creator of Ever So Roco. She is such an eloquent, thought-provoking writer who is unafraid to share the deepest parts of her experience. Though introverted, she is a shining example of quiet strength. Her work is full of purpose and impact and may make you re-evaluate your whole writing life. 

Take a look below at the 5 Things Roconia knows for sure! 

Roconia Price, Ever So Roco


1. The to-do list of an ambitious woman is like a child; it never stops growing. Do your best to nurture and tame it when it gets out of control. And don’t freak out when it doesn’t shrink. Freak out when it stops growing. That is a sign of stagnance.

2. Good things don’t come to those who wish or wait, but to those who believe. That belief includes the dreaming and the doing, the wanting and the working.

3. Your presence is a gift. Be there for people. Always show up. It makes all the difference in the world. I don’t remember what super hard final I was studying for in winter 2012, but I do remember shirking my responsibilities to take Paris sledding one night. I’ll never forget it and neither will she.

4. You should never be swayed by the crowd. People are fickle. The same ones who screamed Hosanna for Jesus one day, crucified him the next. They’ll praise you, then they’ll persecute you. So make sure that everything you do is for your sake, and not theirs.

5. Walking in your purpose is the scariest thing you could ever do. It is also the most rewarding. You’ll feel alienated because your purpose was handpicked and tailor-made just for you and a lot of times you’re the only one on your path. You’ll feel uncomfortable because no one can provide you with instructions on how to do what you do. Always push forward in your purpose. The nausea, the uncertainty, the fear, the anxiety– all worth it.

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