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Welcome to week 3 of Growing Into Grace! Big thanks to those of you who have been following the series since week 1, and if this is your first time here, be sure to check out the previous posts. This is my third time doing the Growing Into Grace series, and with each new set of guests I grow to appreciate their gift(s) a little bit more. One of my favorite mantras is that "we as women can coexist"; sometimes we can get so caught up with what she has that we don't realize that it doesn't take away from what we have. One way that we can realize this is by knowing who we are and believing in our own gifts. Our next feature shares about the importance of knowing your worth, and speaking positive affirmations over your life. I'm sure you'll find something you can identify with; don't hesitate to comment or share! 

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Yetti Ajayi-Obe, blogger, mental health advocate, and lover of all things creative. She is the creator of YettiSays.com which provides the average twenty-something-year old with the uncensored truth sometimes served with a side of wit, sarcasm, and a few curse words. Yetti is also the founder of Certified 10, an organization and movement dedicated to teaching women to fall madly and deeply in love with themselves. Yetti is an avid believer in self-love, self-care, and self-improvement; she is constantly finding new ways to "get her act together". Yetti has a lot to share, so check out the 5 Things she Knows for Sure. 

Yetti Ajayi-Obe, YettiSays


1. It’s okay to ask for help - Asking for help doesn’t make me weak. It doesn’t mean I can’t handle it. It doesn’t mean I am ill-prepared, or anything else I’ve attacked myself with in the past. It means I value my sanity and recognize that doing it on my own simply just isn’t efficient or effective. It means I know my limits, and I honor my mental health.  I learned this one the hard way after three events and way too many anxiety attacks.

2. Absolutely know your worth - Know it. Believe in it. Own it. Price it appropriately. I’m not sure where most of us learned to seek validation and approval from others, but it’s crippling and often times so very incorrect. Knowing your worth is knowing when to remove yourself from a terrible situation. It’s pricing your services and events according to what you know can deliver and the value you know you bring to the table. But most of all, it’s you acknowledging your greatness, your power, your beauty, your being and existence. It’s you loving you.

3. Affirm it, and then work towards it - Hi, I’m Yetti, the affirmation queen. Affirmations have become a thing I have used to get me through the toughest of times, not to mention help me reprogram some of my automatic negative thoughts. Oh, and curb my anxiety. They’re good for those too!

4. When in it doubt, rest - All work and no play, makes Yetti a very tired woman. Yes we must work hard. We must sacrifice time for the goodness of making a difference. But our body needs rest, and our minds need time to be still. Honor the request of rest.

5. I am not broken - I admitted to the world a few years ago that I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for most of my life. The more I speak about it, the more I realize it’s not just me. The more I acknowledge it as a part of who I am, the more I shut down my belief that I am broken. Managing depression does not make me flawed or broken. Experiencing life shortcomings makes me an individual that has a hell of a story to share, by accepting who I am in the face of adversity and in the name of healing. I am not broken.