5 Things I Know For Sure | Shefon Nachelle

Welcome to the second week of Growing Into Grace! I hope that you are enjoying this series and that you can appreciate all the insight being shared. It is also my hope that these features encourage you to reflect and think on some of the things you know for sure. No need to limit it to just 5, nor do you have to be asked to submit them to a blog. But do it because it is your right to decide for yourself the things you know to be true. Our next feature emphasizes this idea of doing and being simply because you can. Be sure to comment or share anything that resonates with you!

Photo: Courtesy of Shefon Nachelle.

"I still want a closet full of furs." Or it was something close to that Shefon said the epic night of When Pens Collide. At that point we had only traded tweets and so I was looking forward to getting to know the Shefon beyond the binary code. Shefon has been a blogger since 2011, and she is the author of former blog the Moxie Modus, which is now ShefonNachelle.com.  She coins herself as a writer, creator, and curator. Her writing creates a space where her kaleidoscope soul meets other at the intersection of soulful and sometimes skin-deep. Shefon is a real writer's writer, and it's an honor to share her words here on WriteLaughDream.com. 

Take a look below at the 5 things Shefon knows for sure!

Shefon Nachelle, ShefonNachelle


1. Your ideas, visions and dreams want you to birth them- Make no mistake about this. Remember that vision and inspiration is your being chosen. It is all a manifestation of the power that sits at the core of our soul. Honor being the channel and move forward. At any given moment, a seed is planted not in our heads, but within our bellies to be brought forth in a way that only we can.

2. We are all seeking more of ourselves- Extend yourself grace, kindness and all the love you possibly can. It is absolutely okay to recreate yourself. In fact, it is essential. Seek and fill in all your edges. Sometimes I believe our generation has been badly bit by the branding bug and are pressured into defining ourselves as one thing, one niche, and one lane right away forever and ever. Have the audacity to be full and overflowing. There is beauty in knowing there is no part of us that cannot be used as we work toward full creative expression. Pivot, shift and move whenever you deem necessary.

3. The joy of creativity is your birthright- Give your creativity permission to fully express itself. When we let go of the notion that creativity needs to be presented to others to be of value, we can open to the joy of everyday creativity. We all are granted with the gift of creativity to expand universes, create new worlds and imagine our selves differently as often as possible.

4. Freedom is knowing that you and this moment are enough- There are no standards or prerequisites to belonging. The existence of our being is never up for approval from anyone or anything. You, this moment and all that you have are enough. You do not need permission to be your highest, most expanded and expressed self.

5. There is so much beauty in the world- It is truly our duty to find it, each and every day. We often give our pain; scars and sad stories center stage too often. Contrary to what we are repeatedly told, there is an abundance of things to love in this life. There is greatness to be reveled in, experience to be lived and adventure to be found. Take a moment to look at all the beauty you have given to the world in the short time you have lived this life.