5 Things I Know For Sure | Bryanda Law

Welcome back to the Growing Into Grace Series! I hope that you're enjoying reading the features as much as I am enjoying sharing them. I believe there is power in sharing our stories and the lessons they've taught us. There is no 'how to' guide for this thing called life, but there's something about the sense of universality that gives us hope that we too can make it though. Our next guest speaks to this idea of trusting the process of life, and knowing that you are equipped. Be sure to comment and share anything that speaks to you. 

Photo: Courtesy of Bryanda Law

Bryanda Law, Writer and Editor in Chief of Quirky, Brown Love. Bryanda is writer, fiance, and med school candidate. Her blog quirkybrownlove.com speaks to the quirky, yet conscious soul that seeks to write their own love story, even if the filmmakers never do. 

Take a look below at the 5 things Bryanda knows for sure!

Bryanda Law, Quirky Brown Love


1. I know that you have to take life one day at a time- there are some days that I just don't see how I'm going to make it through and then I have days that make everything feel like it was worth the struggle.

2. I know that you have to respect the process- life definitely hasn't worked out according to the map of achievements that I have in my head. In the past, I've been discouraged about this; however, I realize that God has blessed me with opportunities that I would have never had if my plan would have worked out.

3. I know that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season- learning this lesson was hard but necessary. I'm a nostalgic person so I tend to reminisce about the past; however, it is way too easy to get stuck in the past which can prevent growth

4. I know that we already have what we need to succeed- it is so easy to look at what other people have and what you feel like you are lacking; however, God knows what gifts you have and has blessed you with talents accordingly. Don't miss out on your blessings by talking yourself out of opportunities.

5. I know that it is important to stay true to yourself- as a blossoming writer, it is easy to try to emulate someone else's success. It is so important for you to listen to your inner voice and to express how you feel while trying not to be influenced by others.