5 Things I Know for Sure | Edie King

Edie King

It's been an amazing month! I am so pleased at what came out of this month's features and grateful to the women that have shared their words of wisdom on the blog for the Growing Into Grace series! I am so happy that I decided to bring this back and we'll continue to pop up with a month's worth of goodness showcasing new bloggers' and writers' gems of wisdom. I'm all about learning from other women! Experience is the best teacher but also the most expensive. So, I am okay with learning from the experience of others. 

Closing out the Growing Into Grace series for this month is Edie King. Edie is a talented writer that is also a therapist helping people on the daily work through issues. She is also the intern/assistant/life saver for both the BBB Series and WriteLaughDream! It's been such a cool process to watch her grow in her writing and challenge herself to be more consistent with it! So it's a privilege hear from her on the 5 things she knows for sure. Take a look below! 

Edie King, Be Blessed, Be Great, Be You


1. Nothing compares to joy & peace. I know this for sure because for the past year (or so) I’ve been a living witness. I believe these are two of the most priceless entities in the world. Another thing I know for sure is that these states are choices; we choose to have joy and peace about our circumstances, just like we can choose to feel stressed and be miserable. A big part of me becoming to know this was learning to accept what I couldn’t change, and acknowledging that God is in control. I know that by having peace and joy I’m saying to God “I may not know what’s going on, but I trust you”. When you truly believe those words, nothing compares to that feeling; the bible speaks about a peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7), and I believe that’s what God wants us to have. “May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in him” Romans 15:13

2. Love always wins. Always! No if, ands, or buts about it. For me, love won the day Jesus died on the cross for my sins. That was the ultimate act of love and sacrifice. But for others, love may win in different ways. Whatever your idea of love, one thing I know for sure is that when you love fully and unselfishly you always win. Even if you don’t get “what you want”, you have satisfaction knowing that you loved the most you could and the person you loved will never be the same because of it; that alone makes you a winner. Most people are too scared to love because they think they’ll get hurt. But that’s where the cognitive distortion lies, love doesn’t hurt, people hurt! Many people are acting out the effects of disoriented love they’ve experienced in the past, and those experiences were never corrected, so they give what they know how to give. Love then becomes this bartering system that operates off of “if…then’s” rather than “no matter what’s”. Like so many other things, it’s a choice, and it isn’t always easy, but when we remove the selfish layer and love simply because God loves us, we win.

3. Kindness never goes out of style. One thing I don’t understand is mean people; especially people who are just mean for no reason. I don’t get it, and I don’t wish to. But one thing I do know is that being kind will NEVER go out of style. I think the saying goes: “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” or something like that. However it’s worded, I think it’s true. I pride myself on being pleasant, and not for any kicks or kudos, but simply because it comes naturally and it’s so much easier than walking around being mean all day. And yes of course, we all have our bad days, but with those days come the opportunity to put things into perspective and realize that it could be worse. Kindness is a choice, and

4. I still have so much more to learn. Even with my education, life experience, and all the things I “know” for sure, another thing that is certain is that I still have much more to learn. We never stop learning, or growing; even when we don’t want to, we still are. I may know a good bit about particular subjects, but I never claim to be an expert because I have honestly learned from some of the most unexpected individuals and situations. I believe it’s all about willingness and humility. In my life and line of work, I’m constantly interacting with individuals from different walks of life. Within a year, I’ve learned things that school may have never taught me in a million years. Not saying that formal education is meaningless (I’m very pro-academia), but simply saying even after all the classes and degrees there’s still much more to know. Realizing this notion is only the start, how you choose to apply that knowledge is the journey.

5. God is in control. No matter what!!!! God is always in control and I know that I’m (we’re) always in the palm of his hands. How do I know this for sure? Faith. That’s one way I can explain it, and also because I feel His spirit inside of me. I trust that He is guiding my path, and that nothing that happens in this world is a surprise to Him. I believe that when we as humans move past ourselves and realize that our experiences are not merely for or about us but for God’s will, it becomes easier to accept that He’s always in control.  


Thanks so much for tuning into the series this month! Stay tuned for the next installment which will feature 8 new bloggers!