5 Things I Know For Sure | Melissa Kimble

Welcome back to Growing Into Grace! Thus far, we have had some amazing guests share the things they know for sure, and how those life lessons have helped them grow into grace. We're down to the last stretch and there are only two more features before the series ends; I know, I'm somewhat sad too. However, I'm glad I chose to bring the series back, and I'm grateful to all the women who chose to participate. I'm a firm believer in the notion that we are all interconnected; that somehow my purpose will ignite your purpose, which will eventually ignite hers, and so on and so forth. That ultimately we're all working together for some larger purpose, something that is much bigger than us. Our next guest touches on this idea of greater purposes, and trusting the process of that purpose; I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much as you've enjoyed the others. Feel free to comment and share!

Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Kimble

Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Kimble

Our next feature is Melissa Kimble, media strategist and writer from Chicago. Melissa's mission is to strengthen creatives and their missions from the inside out. She is the creator of 'My Creative Connection' and #BlkCreatives, which are platforms dedicated to helping creatives of color. Lover of music, art, and "really good Mexican food", Melissa is also the Senior Social Media Manager for EBONY and EBONY.com. Check out the 5 Things Melissa Knows for Sure. 

Melissa Kimble, My Creative Connection


1. I know that God is always with me - I've been through many, many obstacles. I know exactly what "the bottom" looks like. I've stared into the barrel of nothingness and emptiness. But I also know that even when it didn't look like I would make it out of my darkness, I always did. That's how I know God is always with me.

 2. I know that my mission is bigger than anything I feel - There are times when I get so caught up in what I do not have or what I'm lacking that it paralyzes me. But what I'm building is really bigger than me and any temporary feeling.

 3. I know that all things work out for my good - We are sometimes put to the test for reasons we never know in the moment. And guess what? Every single time we make it through. That's proof that everything always serves a higher purpose, a lesson and that anything that has been meant for my harm has always given me a new perspective to take me to the next level.

 4. I know that faith equals freedom - We can spend all our time worrying, complaining, doubting, being fearful, creating invisible problems, focusing on the negative, etc or we can choose to believe that there is a space where those things don't rule our hearts. I choose the latter. And that choice gives me power and strength to keep going, to keep believing, to keep fighting for what's good. That brings me peace. And that peace allows me to surrender to my faith.

5. I know what matters, I just have to trust it - Looking outside of yourself for validation even when it comes to the small things - does more harm than good. Everything that we need is already inside of us; we just have to do the work to uncover it. We already know what we need, we already know how we should move, and it’s just a matter of spending more time nurturing our internal compass, that small voice that is really God speaking to our spirits. That's where our power lies and as long as we learn to trust that and believe in that, I believe we can never go wrong.