Growing Into Grace with Amber Janae

Growing into Grace is a life elevating series on growth, grace, and womanhood. Grace has been the most pivotal part of my coming of age. Daily I give thanks for grace and constantly I am working on giving myself and others the same grace that God gives me. In this series, join me as eight amazing women give their insight on the 5 Things They Know for Sure and their take on “Grace, not perfection,” and what that means in their lives currently. Feel free to comment below and share their insights on social media!

A poignant voice in self-care and personal growth, Amber Janae is an author, writer, and personal care advocate. Her blog, is an award-winning lifestyle blog that encourages self-love, wellness, spiritual growth, and personal development. It was her own journey that really allowed her to focus on helping others in the path to becoming the highest version of themselves. Janae is spreading her message through her books, speaking, and her writing on the blog and freelance work that has been featured in major publications like Huffington Post.  

Amber Janae,

When I think of grace not perfection I see a second chance. I see an opportunity to embrace all of who I am fully, without regret. I sit and reflect on the times that I had no idea who I truly was. There was a point it was uncomfortable for me to be my true self. There were days that my desire for perfection made pretending to be someone that I was not feel ideal. At some point, I realized that all that time I was masking my pain and scars. I was ignoring what I needed to do to properly heal. Wearing a false mask enabled my self-hatred for many years. Grace is a constant reminder that my refusal to meet my true self halfway all those years was the path that I needed to take to become whole. It was the pain and the triumph that taught me the true beauty of growth, self-acceptance and self-love. I stand tall, perfectly imperfect, but gracefully me.

5 Things I know for Sure

Caring for myself will always be my greatest accomplishment. Self-neglect was once natural for me. I had mastered the art of mistreating myself. I knew nothing but to subject myself to unhealthy behaviors and situations. It was self-investment that allowed me to see that I am my most prized possession and investment. I stopped neglecting healing. I let go of what was in order to make room for what was meant for me in the present. I learned to say no if it meant sacrificing my well-being. I learned that without properly caring for myself all else failed. Sometimes, our inability to grow and achieve our greatest desires is a result of not fully investing in the nourishment of our mind, body and soul. My greatest achievement in life will always be looking out for my own best interest.

Everything in life is divinely timed. Everything is as it should be. There is nothing that has passed me by. There is nothing that has happened too late or too soon. What is for me, is for me and will always be that way. Therefore, there is no need for me to feel I must worry or compete. Every occurrence in my life is divinely timed. As I continue to grow older I learn to appreciate life and my journey. My tendency to get caught up in where I am headed forced me to ignore the beauty in all that I was being taught along the way. My life is as it should be. Everything is well. The timing for each moment is divine and in perfect accordance to God’s grand plan.

CLICK TO TWEET /// Everything is as it should be. There is nothing that has passed me by. -Amber Janae

There is always a lesson in everything that appears to be “bad.” My greatest lessons were taught through experiences that caused unbearable pain. It was in the moments that I questioned myself, the moments that everything seemed to be falling apart that I realized life was really falling into place. No matter what we perceive to be bad, there is a lesson in those moments. In life, we never truly know what lies ahead in the future. All we know is we must take our experiences for what they are and continue to progress. Nothing is ever truly bad. Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we handle what comes our way. Whatever cards we are dealt, we must embrace the flow of life and keep pressing forward. I’ve taught myself to keep an open heart and a positive mind despite the outcome of any situation I am presented with. There is a lesson to be learned no matter how difficult the obstacle. 

I can only achieve what I believe in. Self-doubt is a silent killer. A few years ago, I wrote a letter to myself asking “who taught you to stop believing in you?” Disbelief in our abilities is a habit that is taught. Somewhere I was forced to believe that I was lacking or going without. Our environments at a certain age can sometimes limit our ways of thinking, causing us to believe that we are incapable of doing whatever it is that we set our minds to. I am a limitless being. I know that there is nothing that is off limits for me in this universe. I am not in the world, the world is in me. There is nothing that I set my mind to that I cannot do. I can achieve everything that I set my mind to. But how far I go on my road of accomplishments is all based on my confidence and belief in myself. 

CLICK TO TWEET /// How far I go on my road of accomplishments is all based on my confidence and belief in myself. - Amber Janae

I am to blame. I am to blame for how I feel and how I allow others to make me feel. I am responsible for my own growth and happiness. It is no one else’s responsibility but my own to know what is best for me. I will not live my life relying on outside forces to affirm or fill me in the places that I feel void in. I am to blame for my internal progression. I am to blame for the thoughts I feed myself. I choose to see the positive in every single outcome. I choose to give love even when it is not being given to me. I choose to see love as my only true reality. I choose kindness, peace and harmony. I am to blame for who and what I am surrounded by. I am in control and when I am in control, I choose only the best or nothing at all.  


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