5 Things I Know For Sure | Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson

Are you just as excited about the next Growing Into Grace feature? I had the opportunity to meet Kim Jackson at the last BBB Series event that I hosted in Washington, DC and she is AMAZING! So glad that I had the opportunity to reconnect with her for this series!

Kim is a personal stylist, freelance digital marketing consultant and the creator of her blog Pish Posh Perfect. Focusing on lifestyle and fashion of course, Kim gives women awesome inspiration to live out their best and most stylish lives. From tips on style, home décor, organization and health, Kim provides her readers with a well-rounded perspective to create their own “Pish Posh Perfect” lifestyles.

Take a look at the 5 Things that Kim knows for sure!

Kim Jackson, Pish Posh Perfect  


1.      If you're good to your body it will be good to you. I never realized how much of what we eat affects what manifests on the outside of our bodies (in things like acne, dry skin etc.), as well as our overall health, until I started getting sick several years ago. Now I make much healthier choices about food, and put things into my body that are going to nourish, fuel and heal it.

2.     Persistence pays off. Just when you think all your efforts are for naught, more opportunities than you can handle will come your way. I had first-hand experience with this over the past year, as I transitioned from my former full time job to working for myself as a freelancer. Don't give up.

3.     The type of energy you put out into the universe is the same type of energy you'll receive in return. I have found that if you are positive, considerate and compassionate, most of your experiences are going to be positive (and your perception of them plays a huge role in that!) and people are going to want to be nice to you. And the converse is true as well; if you are mean and nasty, life will throw mean and nasty things right back at you and people will be less inclined to go out of their way for you. So, your mom was right, it really does pay to be nice because you get back what you give.

4.     Women can be friends and colleagues and be wholeheartedly loving and supportive of one another. I know this for sure because I have a huge and amazing circle of women friends; and we are each other's biggest cheerleaders, sounding boards, roll dogs and wine drinking partners. Women are not all cat fights and gossip!

5.     You have to live your truth, whatever that truth happens to be. Build the type of life that works for you and helps you to achieve your purpose. No cookie cutter life, or one pre-designed for you by your parents or anyone else will work unless it's the right fit. Ignore the judgment, dream and execute. Create a life you love and feel like your most amazing self while living.