5 Things I Know For Sure | Tyshia Ingram

The creator of This Brown Queen, Tyshia Shante is a blogger and freelance writer. She is an amazing beauty blogger focusing on tips for the beautifully brown woman. Also a dedicated mother and wife, I absolutely love following her chronicles! Check out the 5 Things She Knows for Sure below. 

Tyshia Ingram, This Brown Queen

1. I know that if He gave me the vision, He gave me the tools. When I think of this grand vision that I have for my life, what I want to accomplish, my hopes, my dreams I have absolute confidence that I have everything I need to achieve them. I believe that when God gives you visions that He is showing you exactly what He has made you capable of. My talents, my intuition, my support system, my education are all tools to make my visions reality.

2. I know that the timing of my life is perfect. In this day and age of social media I think we get too caught up in a fantasy of making it overnight. I know for me in particular I've been hustling hard for the past couple of years trying to reach my goals and while I'm still striving, looking back I can see that things happen when they were supposed to happen for ME. I trust the timing and I know that things will happen when they are meant to.

3. I know that my work is good. When I first started my journey into freelance writing I was terrified. I'd been writing for myself for as long as I can remember and had my personal blog for some time but writing for someone else was a new lane. I remember after submitting my first piece I kept asking myself "What if it isn't good enough?" My work is always good enough. I know that. This is my passion and I always go above and beyond for this. I learned to trust my voice, my writing, and my words. 3. Knowing that I won't let myself down. My work is good!

4.     I know that the joy is in the journey. A while back I blogged about how when you're in the grind, the daily hustle, working long days and even longer nights, you tend not to realize how far you've come. It was only after I had to write an updated bio did I look back with amazement at all I had accomplished. While I'm chasing the dream it's important that I remind myself that a goal is a point, a stop along the journey. I can never get so wrapped up in making it to a certain point that I don't enjoy the process. The joy truly is in the journey of life.

5.     I know that not knowing what's next is okay. When it comes to this life thing I know that all the successful people tell you that you need a plan. A one year, five year, and maybe even ten if you're really ambitious. If you're like me you have a plan for everything and three different planners to keep track of it all. I have an end goal, I have action steps, but I also am a child of God and understand that the path is NEVER straight. And that's okay. The grandest plan of all is simple really. Have faith.