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Growing into Grace is a life elevating series on growth, grace, and womanhood. Grace has been the most pivotal part of my coming of age. Daily I give thanks for grace and constantly I am working on giving myself and others the same grace that God gives me. In this series, join me as eight amazing women give their insight on the 5 Things They Know for Sure and their take on “Grace, not perfection,” and what that means in their lives currently. Feel free to comment below and share their insights on social media!

Chasity Cooper is a bright light that radiates right through the digital realm. A communications strategist and freelance writer, Cooper finds the space to let her love for social media and technology and writing live and breathe together. She serves as the Director of Digital Community Development and Programming for Her Agenda managing the 200+ membership community. Her writing has been featured in Teen Vogue, Essence and much more. A wine enthusiast, runner, and fellow tea lover, Chasity doles out motivation, professional tips and just the right amount of trap music!

Chasity Cooper,

When I think of “Grace not perfection,” my high school days often come to mind. I was heavily involved in many extracurricular activities, and sometimes I would get home so late that I would be too tired to complete my homework. So the next morning before school began, I would stop by my respective teacher’s classroom, share with them my problem and kindly ask for more time to complete an assignment. Because of my rapport with my teacher, I would often get an extension until the end of the day to complete my assignment. While my teacher didn’t have to  give me more time, he/she had grown to trust me and understood that I had the ability to produce good work. A lot of times, I think we forget that God knows us better than we know ourselves - for He created us in His image and knows that we are capable to be our best selves, even when we fall short. So whenever we are faced with a challenge or a problem in our lives, or we have made a mistake or hurt someone that we love, we should immediately run to Him, ask for His wisdom, provision and guidance and then proceed to move forward as our steps are ordered. God’s grace is abundant, sufficient and will never fail us. 

CLICK TO TWEET /// God's grace is abundant, sufficient and will never fail us. -Chasity Cooper

5 Things I Know for Sure

I have the power to say ‘no.’ - Time is such a precious commodity that we often forget that is limited. In order for me to be my best self, I have learned not to overextend myself and to decline opportunities that may not best serve me in the moment. In saying no, I’m also trusting that God has something even better in store for me. 

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I am not my mistakes, but I am the results of the lessons that I have learned from them. - We all fall short, but the beautiful that I’ve learned is that I don’t have to stay where I have fallen. Just like His grace, God’s forgiveness is powerful to wash away any feeling of failure, disappointment, stress and worry. The lesson is usually the biggest blessing, and I’ve learned repeatedly that I can only become better over time. 

I must honor my progress and trust the process. - All things are working in my good - always, all ways. There is no such thing as an overnight success, so I am learning that I have to keep doing good things and in time, I will reap the benefits of that positive harvest. The process is never going to be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. 

CLICK TO TWEET /// The process is never going to be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. -Chasity Cooper

I am enough. Pretty self-explanatory. 

I am loved, so very, very loved. - By God, by my family and close friends, and the confidence I have in knowing that I am loved unconditionally fills me with so much joy each and every time I think about it. And it is for God’s unconditional love that I am to love others freely and intentionally and for that, I am forever grateful. 


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