Growing Into Grace with Ka'Lyn Coghill

KaLyn Coghill

Growing into Grace is a life elevating series on growth, grace, and womanhood. Grace has been the most pivotal part of my coming of age. Daily I give thanks for grace and constantly I am working on giving myself and others the same grace that God gives me. In this series, join me as eight amazing women give their insight on the 5 Things They Know for Sure and their take on “Grace, not perfection,” and what that means in their lives currently. Feel free to comment below and share their insights on social media!

Ka’Lyn Coghill is a woman balancing it all. A recent newlywed, graduate student, content creator and digital community manager, she has a ton on her plate but does it with humor and flare. Studying at Bowie State University to obtain her Master of Arts in Organizational Communications as a teaching assistant, you can add professor to her impressive list of skillsets. Featured on XO Necole as one of three women who boldly quit their jobs and changed careers, it seems at least from the outside looking in, that Coghill has found her stride. An advocate for women of color and against the stigmas of mental illness among people of color, Ka’Lyn knows exactly what she is working towards.   

Ka'Lyn Coghill,

When I think of “Grace not perfection.” I think of beauty. Often time I am comparing myself to others and even comparing myself to past accomplishments wondering why I am no longer accomplishing them. When I feel ugly inside and out I try to center myself, meditating, and remembering the word grace helps because it reminds me of the beauty I possess and forces me to see the beauty in all things. It reminds me to be patient, kind, warm, fiery, loving, and most importantly to embrace my own kind of beauty. Because MY kind of beauty was created through grace to fit me perfectly even if it’s not perfect to others.

5 Things I Know for Sure

Protecting my energy isn’t an option.  I often find myself wanting to save others and sacrifice myself; dying a bit inside every time. In order for me to truly be a vessel and help others I have to make sure I am protected.  Being self-less is a gift and a curse which requires me to forcefully put myself first at times in order to be safe, in order to be truly helpful.

CLICK TO TWEET /// In order for me to truly be a vessel and help others I have to make sure I am protected. -Ka'Lyn Coghill

Benevolence is beauty. When I hear the word grace, I think of benevolence, a word that I never attached to my being until I became an adult. I found myself thinking I was clumsy, sloppy, and not taken seriously but now I see that my grace makes me compassionate, beautiful, worthy. Being non-conventionally beautiful stems from my benevolence. It stems from my compassion to embrace every situation that comes my way as a learning lesson and not a setback.

Be gentle with yourself. There is beauty in being kind to others, but more importantly there is beauty in being kind to yourself. More so often than not I am my worst critic bashing my own accomplishments, suffering from imposter syndrome. I blame my blessings on luck but I never blame them on grace. I have learned to be patient with myself. I have learned to be gentle with my being and to listen to body, mind, and spirit….in order to embrace the woman I am becoming.

Speak your needs into the universe & let it do its work, uninterrupted.  How many times have you prayed or manifested a goal only to become impatient & try to move the process along quicker? A true pillar of being graceful is to be patient. Being patient makes life seem easier in times of duress. If you have prayed, let the prayer manifest without your direction. Let the sail guide the boat on it’s own without you directing the wind. Your plans are already mapped out for you once you have spoken them into existence you just have to trust, be patient, and let the universe do its work.

CLICK TO TWEET /// A true pillar of being graceful is to be patient. - Ka'Lyn Coghill

Love with your whole being.  Love with your whole being an love your whole being. In order to be able to love fully you have to love yourself for all that you are. You are a work of art, magic even. Every single flaw creates the beautiful person that you are. Once you can love that person (and it’s an ongoing process, trust me on this) it’ll be even easier to choose what else you want to love fully whether it is a person, place, or thing. That love you possess is precious and that passion is next to none.  Love without restraints no matter what it is.


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