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I still have yet to sit down and really navigate the year ahead of me in the way that I want. It’s partly because I have an idea of where everything is going to fall and also partially based on the fact that I’ve seen the way that life kind of ebbs and flows and so I don’t want to hold myself to too many things I may or may not accomplish. However, I did take some time to write down a couple of things that I definitely want to check off the list.

2016 Blogging Conferences

One of the things on that list is attending a blogging or creative conference. For the last few years I’ve seen them come and go and I think this year is finally the year that I actually want to take the plunge and attend. Sometimes we are working so hard with our heads down that we forget the importance of actually going out, meeting new people in person and possibly learning a new trick or two through the sessions or keynote speeches.

The biggest problem that I found when trying to plan to attend a conference was that most often by the time I figure out it’s happening, it’s too close to the date. I’d miss the early bird ticketing and probably wouldn’t be able to afford the flight prices at ALL! And so I wanted to just put together a quick round up in case attending one of these conferences may be a goal for you as well!

I was dragging my feet, believe me. LOL. But I took a little bit of time to scour the internets and found some info on some pretty cool conferences. So this is not an exhaustive list at all, but it surely is a start. If you have some others that you know of, please feel free to share in the comments.

I'm also intrigued to find out whether there are conferences that cater to writers. Let me know your thoughts! 

Also, if you are planning to attend any, let me know. I am aiming for Blogalicious, but would love to link with some of my readers if you are heading out! Please feel free to share this post by clicking here!


Alt Summit Winter | January 20-23

Salt Lake City, Utah


Build Your Blog | Feb. 19-20

Salt Lake City Utah


#weallgrow Summit | Mar. 3-5

Long Beach, CA


Business Advancement Conference | April 9

Houston, TX


Blog U Conference | June 10-12

Baltimore, MD 


Blogging While Brown | July 15-17

Washington, DC 


Blogher Conference | August 4-6

Los Angeles, CA


Pennsylvania Conference for Women | Oct. 6

Philadelphia, PA


Blog Elevated Conference | Oct. 21-23

Houston, TX


Be Blogalicious | November 3-5

Atlanta, GA


Massachusetts Conference for Women | Dec. 8

Boston, MA          


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