Writers Write | Week Three


Week three is all about reflection on love and relationships. It’s one of the most universal topics there are and something that most of us are dealing with, longing for, and trying to figure out. We’ve loved hard, we’ve loved and lost and everything in between. Let’s revel in love a little this week if that’s okay?

If you missed weeks one and two, don’t worry, just jump in where you are!

Monday 8/17 Magic Powers

What has been one of the craziest things you’ve done in the name of love?

Tuesday 8/18 Fear of Failing

Often we’re so afraid of the pitfalls that we never give love our best shot. What are you afraid of? How are you working to overcome the fear of failing?

Wednesday 8/19 Regret

Most of us have experienced something we would have gone back and changed. Yes everything happens for a reason, but what did you learn? What will you do differently moving forward?

Thursday 8/20 Walls

We often find hindrance in our ability to be truly vulnerable. What walls are still standing in your way?

Friday 8/21 Resilience

In what ways has love helped you overcome? Have you ever thought about the resilience of the heart? Take some time and sit with that, write what you think.

Saturday 8/22 Believes the Best

Do you still believe in love and its power? What’s the best of love that you have experienced?

Sunday 8/23 Dear Love

What would you tell love about how you’re feeling on this very day? What has it taught you? What has it meant in your life?  


How is it going? Have you been participating all three weeks? Feel free to share excerpts from any of your posts on social media using the hashtag #WritersWriteWLD! I would love to see some of your posts and how well you are doing with journaling every day. I am almost done the journal that I started in April! Whoo hoo. Keep going!