Dear Love Roundtable | Session 1

Dear Love Roundtable 1

If you’re an avid reader of the blog, you one, know that I put out a book entitled Dear Love: A Love Letter to you last year and two, that I normally reserve Fridays for Dear Love posts that cater to love and relationships. Well this time around I am enlisting the help of a few folks to get down and dirty with some relationship topics on the last Friday of every month for the Dear Love Roundtable!

The faces may change, but the differences in opinion are sure to stay the same! Check out the very first episode below. Trying something new, so bare with me as we improve as we go! 

 And here is some information on this week’s panelists!


Ashley Coleman (@writelaughdream)

Ashley Coleman is a blogger and author from Philadelphia, PA. Her book “Dear Love: A Love Letter to You” explores both the simplicity and complexity of love. Dear Love consists of love notes and narratives that encourage readers to forget everything they thought they knew about love and learn what it really encompasses. Also the publisher of, her blog explores introspective commentary on life, relationships, and pop culture. Ashley is a regular contributor to and has also written for, JUMP Magazine, and more. An avid lover of pen and paper, Ashley also crafts and has more journals than she cares to admit.

Claire Howard (@jusstlovelee)

Claire Howard is a Howard University graduate who fell in love with pen and paper.  Creative writing and fashion drive her, and have propelled her into a career in public relations and branding. Formally trained at Moki Media in Washington, D.C., Claire has worked with clients such as New York Times Best-Selling author Wes Moore, international photographer Nigel Barker, The McBride Sister and their vino label Truvee Wine, Blo Blow Dry Bar and many more.  In early 2015, Claire started her own Public Relations firm, LLM Works, based in Washington, D.C.  LLM provides branding and communications services to clients in entertainment, health and fitness, and the beauty and fashion industries.

Kevin Carr (@kev_carr)

Kevin Carr, is a Dating Consultant, Author, Contributor to Essence Magazine, and The Christian Post and creator of the Date Responsibly initiative. His content offers a practical roadmap on how to accurately navigate being single and create the relationships you desire.



Dr. David Pulley (@TheSpecial_ist)

David Pulley

Dr. David Pulley "Dr. Dave" is a native of Philadelphia and is known as "The Soul Mate Specialist" largely due to the dissertation that he wrote on the subject of Soul Mates while in his doctorate program.  This dissertation is one of the foundational research studies in clinical psychology on the subject of soul mates.  As a result, he is known as an expert on soul mates and a pioneer of some of the clinically based models and theories on the subject.  He shares this knowledge through individual/couples sessions, seminars and presentations on the topic.