WRITE – Approaching 30

I find myself often in rebuttal of “old jokes” just shaking my head and yelling “like fine wine, baby.”

This year I turned 29. Ahhhh! So many people freak out about getting older and I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Yes there are plenty of things that I thought I would have accomplished or done by now, but honestly, those things don’t define me. I’m having the time of my life.

I really feel like I’m getting better with age. And not just in the way that people say it to make themselves feel better but really. I find myself often in rebuttal of “old jokes” just shaking my head and yelling “like fine wine, baby.” But truly, this is the best and most comfortable I have felt with myself in a long time – outside of a couple pounds that I could lose. But I wanted to take some time and share with you just a few of my revelations so far in this last year until 30.  

  • It’s time for adult panties. In more ways than one really. Haha. As I checked out an old pair of my underwear I think they literally had Kermit on them. Lol. After watching Being Mary Jane, I realize these are not underwear that should be owned by a 29 year old woman. I hit my best friend and told her it was time to restock. And more figuratively, it’s just time to grow up, be real, and put on big girl panties in situations that may have made me uncomfortable previously.
  • Who gives a darn what people think. So many of us spend so much time worried about how others will receive the decisions that we make. Somewhere along the way, I realized that the people that care to voice their opinions about my decisions, really have no room to. It’s my life, I will decide just how much or how little I want to screw it up. (Not that I would, but you get the point.)
  • Young people know nothing and think they know everything. I too was one so I can say this. I am often around people younger than me and they’re smart, talented, entitled and think they’re smarter than they really are. It’s a cycle though and you can’t convince young people that they know nothing. You just have to let them live and learn. But that wisdom started creeping in probably around about 27 or so for me.
  • There really is more to life than money. Every time I watch that Kardashian show, I think to myself, wow, they have everything and are still screwed all the way up! The older I get, yes I want to achieve a certain amount of monetary success, but the moments when I laugh until my stomach hurts, or yell at my nephew cause he’s being fresh, or play games with a group of friends have become CHERISHED! Even if I made a million dollars today, if I died tomorrow, what would it have afforded me really? But those memories, the way we make people feel, the moments when we share our light, that’s really what’s most important.
  • Without God I am nothing. I call the spiritual posts on this blog, Journey of a Non-Believer because there was a time in my life where I believed there was a God and that was it. But I have grown so much in Christ and I know that the reason I am able to enjoy my life in the way that I am is only because of Him. I am so thankful, that I have had the opportunity to truly experience God and literally allow him to change my life.
  • My life in more ways than one is just starting. I feel like, okay the 20s were the warm up! But I am looking forward to 30 being the big game. There is so much more I want to accomplish in life, love, career, everything. And so I don’t look at it as the end of anything, but a new beginning.


It will be exciting to take a look at this post next year and see how much changes for sure. I just personally am thankful for every year I get to see. I am not a person who will ever be ashamed of my age because I know people who didn’t make it to 29. And so what a blessing that God has seen it fit that I have more to do to really serve my purpose before leaving here.

Thanks for letting me share. Tell me, what are some important lessons you’ve learned since your last milestone birthday?