WRITE | The Writer’s Muse Workshop Recap

I’m not sure if I have hosted anything or tried anything with my blog and my brand that has not given me complete anxiety. I’m working on it. But I couldn’t have asked for a better first writing workshop than what took place on Saturday, May 16th. Ahhhhh, I can’t believe I did it! But we did it and it was so amazing in my eyes, just the idea of having something in your head that actually comes to life and is executed.

But I wanted to address my recap in a bit of a different way. I wanted to point out all the fears and anxiety that I normally have when putting on an event or trying to get people to engage with my blog in a different way. In my 12 Phases series, I talked about facing the fears head on and moving on from them. So below is every fear I faced with The Writer’s Muse and the actual turnout!

FEAR: No one is going to come – Well it was looking a little bleak for a moment. This was set out to be an intimate experience with only space for 15 people. But as I began to promote, so many folks that wanted to come were not in the Philly area! I was spazzing out. I thought to myself, oh my, no one in Philly wants to come and that’s where I’m based. Isn’t that sad? 

TURNOUT: People did come. It takes time to promote an event. Unless you have just reached celeb Social Media Status where people would come to watch you food shop, you have to keep posting and keep pushing. Also, we live in a society where a lot of people simply don’t like to commit, so a lot of registrations came in last minute. I ended up with 10 out of the original 15 I was looking for. Not too shabby!

FEAR:They may not get anything out of it – Once I began hearing the reasons that people came, I got terrified. I thought to myself, what if this doesn’t help them at all. It sounded good in my head to help writers expand their creative inspiration but will it really work in practice?

TURNOUT: Ever so quickly I received both verbal and social media comments about how the workshop helped with their exact issue. It worked. It did what it was supposed to do!

FEAR: Who is really going to care about what I have to say? Comparison is a terrible drug. Really this fear came from measuring myself up to other people that host events and share their wisdom.

TURNOUT: I have something important of my own to say too. I will attract the people that are just for me. And I certainly did as there was an amazing energy in the room, and everyone that was supposed to be there, was there ready and attentive for what I had to offer.

Photo: Toya James 

FEAR: What makes me think I am qualified to talk about creative writing? I’m not one of those fancy girls with an MFA or MA or whatever other thing people hold their heads up about. I’m just a girl that writes. What makes me think I can teach people how to be inspired and how to be more diverse writers?

TURNOUT: Well I do have a degree, not in creative writing but in Broadcast and Communications where we did a ton of writing. I also started as a journalism major. And outside of education, I write every day. So I think I may know a thing or two! I was able to impart some of my experience and wisdom on the wonderful ladies there. I don’t take that opportunity for granted ever.


The moral of the story here is that fear is stupid and a waste of time. It’s scary to step out there, to try new things, but guess what? I will continue to do it afraid because that afternoon was one of the most rewarding things I have done so far! We came, we shared, we wrote, we grew. In just 3 hours! And we’re actually talking about possibly doing a Writer’s Muse Meet up quarterly. Yes some of them liked the workshop so much they want to do it AGAIN!

So I just want you to be encouraged to try. So what if you fail, you also may fly! It didn’t matter if 1 or 20 people showed up on Saturday. I put my heart into creating an experience and I am proud of just that fact! That helps me to know that I can do it. I can execute my knowledge and impart it to others. I can be successful at helping other writers. So much confirmation there! Keep going!

Check out some of the comments on the workshop below!