WRITE | In This Present Moment

The goal has been to be more present. Not sure quite how well I am doing yet, but it is indeed the goal. I just notice that throughout the course of the day I am constantly unfocused. I am getting things done but not with a very clear mind. So I am working diligently at getting my head in the game instead of working through life haphazardly.

I’m all about action and not just wanting to change but putting some things into motion to help me do so. So here are a few things I am trying to do to help me be in the moment, a bit more:

  • Limited Social Media. Honestly, it’s not even as interesting as it once was. Yet I find myself at random times scrolling my timeline. I am working really hard at leaving my phone in the other room or putting it under my desk so I don’t have the urge to scroll during a lull or frustrating moment during my work day.
  • Turning off notifications. I am not even sure WHY I even had notifications from apps like Twitter on my phone. It’s a constant distraction to see who is mentioning you or whatever. I even stopped my text messages from popping up on my phone. Whatever I can do to have more time to focus, I will do. If it’s important, call me.
  • Listening. Do you ever realize how much you are not listening when people are talking to you? Maybe it’s just me. But I have been working on really listening to folks when in conversation. I have to stop thinking about what I want to say next or even worst, thinking about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation, like my next blog post idea or something like that.
  • Morning Routine. Lots of people talk about this, but how you set up your day really matters. If I am all over the place in the morning, I am more than likely going to be all over the place the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out routine, but something that involves some quiet time before the day begins is ideal. When I have a book I’m reading, I will read one Chapter. I’ll read a bible verse of the day from my YouVersion App and I have a book of the bible that I’m focusing on for the month of which I will read a chapter. I write in my journal and pray. And then have a cup of tea. Simple. Yet when I don’t make this time, I am a mess.
  • Allowing Myself to Feel. I think I have to have it together at all times and often don’t think my feelings or emotions are valid and so I fight against feeling them. Yes it sounds silly writing it but I have a track record of this. Lol. To be in the moment is to be present and to allow your emotions their just due. No they shouldn’t overtake you, but whether you are elated, angry, or disappointed, those feelings connect you to a moment in time, an experience, and that’s pretty much what life is.  
  • Writing Down My Ideas. This may seem like a strange one, but sometimes my brain is cluttered because I am trying to hold on and remember a bunch of things until I can get to some quiet time to write them down. At this point, as soon as I get the idea, I find some place to write it. The phone, a paper, a notebook. This way it’s gone, it’s down and I don’t have to worry about forgetting it or be distracted by trying to remember it.


I'm not where I want to be with all these yet. But I try. I am surely work in progress, but more and more I see the need. As I get older, I just never want to look back at my life thinking it was a mess and I was all over the place. I want to really enjoy and cherish this journey. It’s getting real to me that I can never get these moments back and so I want to do my best to be focused and intentional in living my life.

What are some things you would suggest to help others be more present?