The Writer's Muse: How One Class Changed My Life

Photo: Ashlee Douglas

I wanted to take classes in my last year of college at Temple that would help me be able to take criticism better. Somewhere along the way, I realized that criticism is simply a part of growing and I wanted to be better at receiving it and adjusting. So I signed up for two classes – Broadcast Performance and Poetry as Performance. Little did I know that Poetry as Performance would change the course of my writing forever and for that I am truly grateful.

Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon was the instructor. Fairly tall (I’m short so people are most often fairly tall), brown skin, locks, and an invigorating spirit. No holds bar, she was in it, in this poetry thing from the moment that we stepped in that room. Though initially I was apprehensive about all the books I had to buy, I’m pretty sure from the moment I stepped in that room I knew that this class would be something special.

And it began. Week after week of pouring our hearts into poetry from various different places. Each week we were forced to dig deep to share through our words, our stories, our lives, our pain, our joy. We were prompted on different things, from our saddest memories, to simply photographs. We were forced to reach from all over and pour into our notebooks. And then we had to get up and talk about it– share these gut-wrenching pieces with a room of about 20-25 approximately.

We wrote, we performed, we wrote some more and at the end of it, I felt insanely close to those 20 people over that 15 week semester. We all laid our stories out on the line in that class. There were tales of partying, beginning college, extreme joy, extreme sadness, abuse, rape, and so much more. These 20 people became a creative family, sharing, growing and healing all through writing.

I was pushed out of my comfort zone and past my boundaries as a writer. Not only at our closing performance did I have to SING (I NEVER SING FOR PEOPLE BTW. Not even now), I also ended up sharing poetry about the death of my best friend, working in a restaurant, and a sexual fantasy. In front of my parents mind you, but I digress.

Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon pushed me. She pushed me to be a better writer and I can never really repay her for that, but I want to pay it forward. At The Writer’s Muse on Saturday, May 16th, I promise you that we will push our boundaries. That we will learn more about creativity in our writing whether you are a blogger, novelist, essay writer, or novice. Let’s come together for 3 hours and deepen our relationship with writing, get connected to it and learn how to make life our muse. You will never be the same!

Don’t worry, it won’t be poetry based. We will look at creative writing as a whole. Through our five senses we will explore a world of inspiration.

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