First | Episode 6, S2 - The First Proposal

With each new episode of First, the common comment is that it’s helping folks believe in love again. It’s funny because it’s not that this type of love no longer exists, it’s just that we never get to see it. The narratives of black love are defunct and full of conflict in mainstream media. It’s sad to see how much of a shadow that has casted on real love. But it’s amazing that the web has created the space that we’ve clearly been hungry for, when everyone else will tell you it won’t sell and that conflict and dysfunction does.

This newest episode was just adorable to say the least. After officially claiming one another and throwing “I love yous” all over the place, Robin and Charlie are right in the thick of those moments when you begin to know that it’s real. “Come back baby,” Charlie says as they struggle to leave each other’s grasp in the morning. Robin is all gooey eyed over the fact that he calls her baby and it made me laugh. It’s funny, I never was the “baby” type until my current relationship. I guess it was something about the way he said it too.

It’s also just too cute when Charlie calls Robin in the middle of the day. He starts with the very familiar “What you doing?” when you know you just really want to hear the other person’s voice. It also took me time to get accustomed to someone who called me in the middle of the day. Haha. Clearly my significant other was everything I needed and better than what I may have thought I wanted. He has honestly made the process of falling in love really cool and he pushes me outside of my comfort zone which I appreciate.

And then Tori steals the show in like 2.2 seconds of the episode. Haha! The tears almost squirted out of my eyes when she tells Robin that she is engaged. There were two things that really hit home for me, one when she says “Like he’s the one.” That is an indescribable feeling in the moment when you know, without a doubt that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! Two, which for any girl single or who has been in a long term relationship and not yet married–she says “It seemed like a distant fairytale that everyone was experiencing except for me.” BRING ON THE WATERWORKS!

But if there is one thing I have learned, often it feels that way, especially with social media and new ring posts popping up on your timeline every other day, but I PROMISE you, the love that is for you, is for you. Just make sure that you are open and ready and willing to accept it when it comes. Even if it doesn’t look how you thought or make the paycheck you thought, be in tune enough with God to know when you’ve found something really special and do your best to be patience. I know it’s hard! Believe me. But you really can’t get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. Easier said than done, I know.

But this episode not only showcased the captivating chemistry between Robin and Charlie, it also addressed the really serious issues plaguing our community in regard to police brutality and the like. I absolutely love the moment when Charlie just lays his head in Robin’s lap. That space, that time when your significant other just needs you to be a comfort and to be a support, is such a blessing. Those are the moments that solidify being in “real” relationship with another person.

Next Episode: June 3rd 

Ahhhh it just gets more and more amazing each time. Check out the episode below if you didn’t already and let me know what you thought in the comments!