First | Episode 5, S2 - The First Spring Break

I love you because no two snowflakes are alike, and it is possible, if you stand tippy-toe to walk between the raindrops.
— Nikki Giovanni

So you know I had to look up the poem. Lol. Maybe I should have known already but I didn’t and I am not ashamed. I now LOVE Resignation by Nikki Giovanni. It is just magnificent and perfect of course in this episode of First!

We get to see the college-age interaction between Robin and Charlie. The chemistry is on point as always as Charlie and Robin sing classic hip hop tunes during their ride. When they arrive at their destination I love the banter back and forth about where they’re going and what they want to do. “What’s more divine than your dream?” Charlie asks. And that my friend is so much of what I find you need in a mate. Someone who will never let you give up on your dreams.

We’re taken back to the moment when Charlie first told Robin he had something to tell her. We get the story behind why he was never able to get it out that he wanted her to be his girlfriend. It was because she was gushing over her boy Sean, who conveniently needed a ride to the airport and felt the need to call during this moment that changed the course of their paths, in a sense.

But nonetheless, all things happen the way they are supposed to, but if a heart breaking could be personified, William Catlett (Charlie) nailed it. I think Adam Sandler said it best in one of my fave movies ever “Spanglish” when his wife reveals she cheated. She’s talking nonstop and asks do you hear me and he replies, “Well there was a crack in the planet.” To get to the vulnerable point to want to share with someone your real and honest feelings, I can imagine that there may just be a crack in the planet when you feel rejected.

As usual Robin is playing coy like she is not catching all that Charlie is throwing and he of course has to throw on the bravado of acting like there are a million other girls that he’s chasing after. And I can feel every part of those moments when the things that are left unsaid change us and alter our paths. So much is said in the silence between the words that we actually say.

As we jump back into the place from last week’s episode with current day Charlie and Robin, they share “I love yous” this time around. And again because clearly I live in the movie world, I am reminded of Love and Basketball when Sanaa Lathan tells Omar Epps “I’ve loved you since I was eleven and the s*** won’t go away.”

It’s sooooo tender to see their worlds come full circle. To see that with all the life that has come between them that love is inevitable and will never fail. Love always finds its intended target and First has captured that essence. And so I know I am not alone when I’m reminded of all the amazing things about falling in love each and every episode.

What did you guys think of the latest episode?  Oh and I didn't see the date for the next one, are they playing with our emotions?