DREAM | The Philly Authors Series

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Philly Author Series on Thursday, May 14th and share the stage with amazing writers including Andrea Walker, Julie Cohen, Naketa Thigpen, and AnnMarie Kelly. This was part of a monthly series hosted at The Pyramid Club but this time around they invited multiple authors to speak about their experience with writing the book, marketing, and more.

The night was hosted by Theresa Hummel-Krallinger, who put together such insightful questions. But the thing I loved most about being on this panel was the synergy that seemed to be there. I loved learning from the other women more so than I necessarily wanted to just talk about myself. It’s always great to bring creative people together and share because you can’t help but be inspired.

We covered everything from what made us write our books to tips on consistency with blogging and much more. I am always just so honored at every opportunity to share with others that are looking to write or to get new inspiration in writing. So this intimate gathering was no different! I am always floored when people care what I have to say!

We spent the rest of the evening sharing and chatting with the attendees and let me just say how pleased I was that there was fried plantain. I’m not saying that was the highlight of my evening, because I got to connect with outstanding women, but it definitely contributed to the greatness of the night.  A few points that stood out to me in the evening.

  • Setting realistic expectations. So many times we are just completely overwhelmed by our to-do list in life and career. Set better expectations and you will feel more accomplished.
  • Stop being so hard on ourselves. This hit home for me because I often feel I should be so much farther than I am. But what about enjoying the process?
  • We’re not who our parents were. Or we don’t have to be. We are not victims to our circumstances, we get to choose something different.
  • Just do it! No one can do it for you. Your dreams, your desires are yours. You have to go out and get them. As you begin the work, you will begin to see what pieces are needed to complete the puzzle. But it starts with you and you alone.

It feels really good to just be pressing forward and making the things happen that I set goals for, which included adding more speaking engagements to the things that I do. I always like to encourage people that things come together step by step and piece by piece. Especially in our generation, we have this sense of entitlement – like the moment that we try something, millions of people should be at our feet. That is simply not the case. Maybe for a select few, but I will always pride myself on building the little that I have bit by bit. I believe you build a stronger foundation that way. Something that will withstand, because 15 seconds is cool and all, but I am in it for the long run, for the longevity!