WRITE | Who You Are Outside of What You Do

We don’t even think about it. We walk into events, meetings, corporate settings and when asked who we are, we reply with “I am so and so and I am the [insert job title] at [insert company.]” Sometimes people are even impressed by our response and if you are anything like me they think somehow your job is a lot more glamorous than it really it is.  But lately, I am a lot more interested in who people are and what they were put on this Earth to do.

See my job title holds no real weight in what honestly really matters to me. It’s a job and it has great parts, not so great parts, and I will be happiest when I can walk away from it with great skills, professional experience and truly begin walking in purpose full time. Really my job is a needy mistress, distracting me from the real task at hand.

Many of us rely heavily on not only job titles but the degrees we have received, the cars we drive, or the homes we live in but we have such a hard time stating who we are outside of those things. It amazes me how much we can talk about those things but when I say to someone “What were you created to do?” they stammer and stutter and have to think intently on it. You were not just created to make money for big companies or accumulate pretty things. Each one of us has a much bigger purpose.

When I took the time to think about it, I realized that my name is Ashley Coleman and I was created to encourage. Now this doesn’t mean that all I have to do with my life is encourage people and tell them great things and do it for free. But my encouraging nature manifests in various parts of my life including my job. Recently I was called by a colleague who said, “Oh I figured let me call the positive, encouraging, glass is half full, calm and collected, Ashley in Philly.” That meant more to me than my promotions or any gold stars. That meant that even in my 9 to 5, my purpose takes shape and people can feel a part of my spirit.

When we place so much emphasis on the things that we have or the jobs that we do, what happens if for any reason you lose those things? Do you no longer know who you are? I would dare to say that many of us are lost when the unthinkable happens. We get depressed, we don’t know what to do next we’re down on ourselves, but when you know who you really are and why you’re here, a “job” won’t have the ability to take that away from you.

Another great part to focusing on who you really are is that you won’t compare your life to others. You know that no matter what others may have accomplished that your purpose is just as important. And we all suffer from comparing from time to time. But I constantly remind myself that no matter what, I am uniquely me and there is nothing of anyone else’s that I need for myself. God has already laid a perfect plan for my life before me, I just have to be sensitive to his guidance.

I often hear mothers say, “well I am just their mom,” because they may have stayed at home with children. Do you know the potential of the children you created being that you were actually able to nurture them without having to run off to work or meetings? We are all called to different things, not finishing school, finishing school, being a stay at home or working mom has no bearing on your life when God is in it. God qualifies the called, he doesn’t necessarily call the “qualified.”  

Things are nice, jobs/careers are nice, but if we don’t begin to really dig into who we are and why we’re here we will always be searching for something we’ll never find. You will not find yourself in materials. You will find yourself in quiet moments with God when he settles in your heart the very foundation of who you are and why you were created. Does this mean we should not strive for great jobs and things? NO. But I dare you to take yourself out of roles and responsibilities and spend a little time praying for a revelation of who you are.

Do you think you know why you were created? How does that reveal itself in various areas of your life?