Journey of a NB | God in the Middle

Relationships are not easy. I don’t think anyone is confused about that fact.

But one of the things that I know for certain that helps to make certain things a little easier is having God at the center of my relationship. Recently my significant other and I joked about the fact that we’re not sure we would have made it this far without Him.

But in all actuality, I don’t even see how relationships work without God. Not that I haven’t been in those relationships, but hey … they clearly didn’t work out. Lol. Nonetheless, one of the main reasons that I think it’s super helpful is because both people become accountable to God and not one another. So I am constantly thinking, “Are my actions acceptable in God’s sight?” And when I take on that attitude, I know that if I am pleasing God, I would hope to also be pleasing my significant other and vice versa.

It also helps when you may have gripes about things you want your significant other to work on. Most often we are quick to run to tell them, when they may not even be receptive to it. Consulting God in those affairs can be amazing. Sometimes coming to God in prayer about your significant other can be way more beneficial than running off at the mouth or nagging all on your own. And many times in those moments, God has also gotten me together and showed me things that I could improve on to help the situation as well.

It helps that we are seeking council from the same place. Often times when you are in unequally yoked relationships, you are seeking advice, council or what have you from the Bible, God, or maybe even a Pastor. Meanwhile, where is the other person getting their information? If I am seeking God and you are seeking society and what they think, how can we ever really find a medium ground? It works for me that at least we are looking in the same direction in times of tests and trials. Which I want to make sure to stress that you will still go through things. You go through all the same things that many couples face, but you become equipped with way different tools to handle those things.

Often men are seen as so strong and domineering, but another thing I love about my significant other’s relationship with God is that he believes in something bigger than himself. See when we believe that we are in control, we are harder on ourselves. We can begin to take the weight of the world on our shoulders. But I find comfort in knowing that he sees God as his provider, as the master of his fate, and so he leans on God and takes a lot of the pressure off of himself. Yes he still has to be diligent, make decisions, and do his best to be guided by the Holy Spirit, but still, he knows where his help comes from.

I could go on and on about the goodness of God and how he has transformed two imperfect people.  He has helped us grow into something really special as individuals and together. Our growth has been tremendous and though we have both been willing, it is nothing that we could have done on our own. I look forward to growing even more and reaching new heights. I feel so much comfort in knowing that in keeping my eyes on God that all things, including my relationship, fall right into place.