First | Episode 4, S2 - The First Confession Pt. 2

I’m convinced after watching this episode that Charlie (William Catlett) and Robin (Jahmela Biggs) are magic on screen together.

My goodness their chemistry is everything! I was literally “awwwing” and “ohhhing” this whole episode from the second he joked about her drooling on his chest. They are so easy with each other and kudos to them! The acting is everything.

Charlie and Robin are still in their “unofficial” stage. But we both know they’re both playing games. Robin goes to check Charlie at his basketball game while the typical ninja all of us have dreaded,“Corey” cones over with the infamous “How  you doing?” I cringed, that part was so real! You ever sitting somewhere, see a guy and start praying he doesn’t actually come over to talk to you? Ha! Okay it’s fine if it’s just me.

Then our magic couple heads to the beach where my heart melts in all kinds of ways. First, I just got really happy to see two beautiful brown people on my computer screen. It just felt really refreshing to see them play, splash each other, tease and then sit down to have such a legit talk.

“Sometimes things don’t work out until you’re ready for it.” Charlie says about the back and forth he and Robin have been through. This was so important to me and sooooo true! So many times we want things and will even jump into them knowing that we’re not ready. But honestly, when it’s meant to be, it will be. I believe that for sure. Robin admits that sometimes their timing is just off. You ever felt like that with someone? Somehow I think their “off” timing is the perfect timing. There’s tons of other important, greatly written gems in there, but watch it for yourself!

You know if you have been watching since the beginning that Charlie and Robin actually have a long history since they were kids. Robin asked what Charlie wanted to tell her when they were in the same spot in college and he puts it all on the line letting her know that he wants to be her “Maaannn,” in my Martin voice.

Of course she’s scared. Scared that it won’t last. Scared of what they’ve been through and afraid of what comes with submitting yourself to the process of loving someone. And then she confesses! It’s her turn to tell Charlie she loves him. And I think she may have succeeded at surprising him.

Can you feel the first moment that someone told you they loved you? The moment when it gets quiet and it all starts to make more sense. Your heart beats a little faster because dang it, you have no idea what the future holds, but somehow, some way, you know when you know, that this may be the very last time, you hear “I Love You” for the first time.

And then they end with the perfect song from Alex Isley. “Into Orbit,” which sent me to download the EP, The Love/Art Memoirs.

Last but certainly not least because we sure love Brock in all his poetic finesse. We see he may have worked Tinder out to his advantage.

Next episode is May 6th!

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