DREAM | We All Can Win

After a good convo with a fellow blogger, I thought about the whole idea of sharing information and inspiring others while working to achieve your own dreams.

Sometimes I realize that people are so tight with information that it almost feels like you shouldn’t ask. But the reality is, you should. No one got to where they are without any resources or without ever asking someone “Well, how did you do this?”

I often indulge in articles and resources that others share to help other bloggers and I always think of how great it is that they would offer certain tools free of charge. Of course it helps them in certain ways whether it will drive you to their paid content or help their traffic for brand partnerships, but nonetheless I have gotten great info that I use to improve my blog.

So, in thinking about the people who have helped me, how can I then turn my back on others that are simply looking for information? There are a few things that seem to kick in when someone asks for help. One, we worry about the competition. If we tell someone else, will they utilize the information in a way that makes them more prosperous than us? Well the thing is, people can have every tool you use, but it doesn’t mean that they will use it as effectively. You are the only you. The flavor that you bring to a project can’t really be duplicated and if something similar can be made, it won’t withstand.

Two, we think that people should have to work and scrap and struggle to gain their success. Yes, there is a certain amount of work that we all should be willing to put in to achieve our dreams. I surely don’t want anyone to treat me like Google. Quite frankly I have spent a lot of time on Google learning a lot about everything. But when people are really looking for guidance and the next steps, we owe it to the universe so to speak to help the next generation along. And I am green in a lot of the things that I am trying to do. But I do have something to offer to someone who may just be looking to start writing, because I am past that part of it. Though there are tons of other things I am trying to learn to get to the next step. Think about the people who helped you, it will open your heart to want to help someone else.

The reality is, we can be open with each other. Though we must use our discernment of course, because let’s be frank, some people do not have your best intentions at heart and do want to take your ideas and pawn them off as their own. This is the risk that we take when we share our creativity in the age of social media and the internet. But I think it’s fairly easy to spot the takers vs. someone who genuinely is looking for assistance.

Also, never underestimate the knowledge of your peers. Sometimes we want to reach out to those at the top of our field, but creating a community with a bunch of other people in your field on the rise can sometimes be a lot more fruitful.

You also get to decide what to share. Sometimes you can give people either an overview or a couple things to get them started. Point them in the right direction and let them utilize their own “know-how” to use the tools effectively. There are tons of people who have helped me and I don’t take that for granted and I am not afraid to say it. You’ll never find me acting like it was all me! LOL. I work hard and I think other people should too, but I do believe in pulling each other up. I believe we all can win and that there is enough out here for all of us!

Have you ever felt conflicted about sharing information about how you got your job or tips in your field?