DREAM | Preparation is Evidence of Faith

I’m pretty sure I heard Pastor Lester at Authentic Life Church talk about this first, but I’ve had various affirmations on this since. Preparation is the evidence of faith.

I had such a great meeting with our new accountant as we set up a meeting to talk about getting some business things in order. From most people that I talk to, they spend the first year of their business making all the mistakes and I honestly did the exact same thing. Personally, I dragged my feet on getting business in order because I thought to myself “will anyone even care?” “Will I even be able to make money from the things I want to do?” And the answer eventually was yes.

So this year is all about back-tracking and making certain that all my ducks are in a row. The ducks were all over the place when I went to do my taxes this year and so I certainly want to improve my business acumen by about 100%. I’m still not raking in the bucks, believe me, but I am doing business and therefore need to put the right things in place to grow and to protect myself as I grow.

When we prepare no matter what it “looks” like, we are really showing our unwavering faith. As I prepare my business affairs and get everything in order, I am walking by faith and not by sight. I can’t see the harvest, but if I am unprepared when it comes, guess who is going to look silly? As I walk in it, sometimes I think to myself “really?” you are going through all this trouble and spending all this money and you aren’t even bringing in a bunch yet? But I refuse to constantly live my life based on where I am instead of where I’m going.  

I know for certain that I do not want to work for someone else the rest of my life. That’s just the bottom line. I am too creative, too talented, and too darn opinionated for that. So what better time than now while I do have stability, to get everything in line that I can to prepare for what I know that God has placed in my heart. When we are faithful in what we have, good stewards, we are aligning ourselves in a way that shows God we will indeed be faithful with a lot.

Prayer, preparation, planning, and flexibility. This is how I go about executing things in my life. Some of us get so afraid to plan because things could change and never really get anything going because of that. Yes we should plan. And though God’s plan will always prevail sometimes it’s that pre-work that gets you exactly where he needs you to be in order to launch you to the next level.

I tend to think modestly all the time. I tend to say, “oh if 15 people show up.” But what if I began to think in the abundance that truly is of God? Everything is scalable, but you get what I am saying. I am not setting up my business plans in order to make $500/year. I am expecting great things and great growth. But guess what? I cannot prepare for 15 people thinking that I am going to get 100.

Prepare yourself for the things that you see for your life no matter how quickly you think you will get there. If you want it, take small steps each day to get towards the goal. Your diligence and effort is representative of your faith in what God will do for you. And do you know how much our faith pleases God?

Photo: Ashlee Douglas

What will you do this week, this month towards your expected goals? How will you prepare for the blessings in store?