LOVE ON PURPOSE visits the most common relationship issues and how to work through them in love; from managing unrealistic expectations to improving communication. Coleman shares honest reflections on growth, past mistakes and important lessons in love through her journey of becoming a Christian. Her accounts of learning about God’s love caused a transformation in her relationships with friends, family and her significant other. In the book she also challenges readers to do their own self-assessment through “Heart Checks” at the end of each chapter. Starting with a conversation she had with her now husband, the book begins with her realization that love is indeed a choice. 

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Coleman examines what love means to each of us as individuals instead of what we see portrayed across social media or inescapable celebrity relationships. In accepting our own flaws and learning to love ourselves, we begin to understand the power love can have in bringing us closer to the objects of our desire and other people we may be fond of. In an interactive stroke of genius, Coleman employs “Heart Checks” at the end of each chapter to help readers track and explore their own emotional development. The tone of Love On Purpose isn’t condescending and is candid enough to make believers in love out of all of us.
— Michael Butler, Writer, Digital Media Specialist, Music Producer
Reading Love On Purpose kind of renewed my strength. I was so sick of failed relationships and at the end all I have is more wasted time. But now I kind of feel rejuvenated and ready to move forward again.
— Norman LaVelle


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Loving (and writing) on purpose - The Kickback Podcast 

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About the Author

Ashley Coleman is a writer and entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. The cultivator of the online space, she writes about life, love, and pursuing goals as a writer. Her work as a writing mentor helps other writers develop their voice and writing habits through one-on-one sessions, courses, and workshops. The author of Dear Love: A Love Letter to You hosts women’s brunches on the east coast, has been a guest lecturer at Temple University, and spoke as an invited guest at the Meet the Author series at the Pyramid Club and Blogalicious 8. Her freelance work has been published on,, JUMP Magazine and more. 

Photo: Shanina Dionna


Heart Check Podcast

I had the opportunity to chat with some amazing people about what they think it takes to Love on Purpose. Anthonia Akitunde of Mater Mea, author Kevin Carr, and music producer (and my husband) Dilemma just to name a few!  

We talked all about effective communication, self-care, realistic expectations and mindfulness when it comes to relationships. 

Take a listen to these insightful conversations that are sure to make you think. 

Are you Ready?

Have you been mindful about the decisions that you make in love? It's so easy to think that love is just something that happens to you, but as you grow, you realize that you get to choose how you love others regardless of who they are! 

Being able to love on purpose is all about being intentional and mindful about the everyday decisions that we make. So, I made a fun quiz just to test you! The hope is that after you read the book, you may be even more equipped in this process. Take a minute to go through the quiz and answer honestly to see where you rank! 

Love on Purpose Playlist

I'm such a big fan of music. I think it has the ability to convey so much of what we think and feel. Love is so complex really. Look at how many songs have been written about it!

If loving on purpose had a sound? I think it would sound a little like this! I hope you enjoy! You can follow the playlist from your own Spotify account. :-)



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