Are you ready to bloom? 

In Bloom | 4-week writing course online | April 17 - May 15


You want to write but you're afraid. 

Afraid of what people will think. Afraid of what your work says about you. Afraid of whether you're good enough to call yourself a writer. Exhausted by trying to defend your experience and express yourself at the same time. 

Your thoughts of worthiness are clouding your ability to simply write and share the work. 

Writers work underground in the shadows with their laptops propped open or pen and notebook in hand. The work takes time, focus, and vulnerability. All the work, all the late nights, all the self-doubt come together to create a masterful work. But then there comes a time when we have to hit publish or turn in the sample chapters and we freeze. We're writing, writing, and writing, but we can't bring ourselves to actually put it out there. To write the blog, to send the pitch, to self-publish the book. 

What if we were able to fully understand that our work is more important than our fear?

What if we were able to get out of the seed season and grow into a writer in bloom? 

For four weeks, I want to work with you through a place of discovery. Find out what are the themes of your writing, what are the best vehicles for that writing and ultimately to guide you into a season of harvest. 

This work is about getting comfortable. It's about being honest. It's about pushing past our self-limiting beliefs that keep our words from the world. It's about overcoming the "seen and not heard," limitations that are put on us from the beginning. 

I want you to reap the harvest of your work, to be bold with your message, and to take risks. 

In this study, we will focus on creating one piece of work that we will boldly share by the end of the four weeks. What that looks like will be up to you. From a blog post to a Twitter thread, we will go from a seed to a harvest, an idea to a completed work that we must share with no reservation or excuse by the end of session. 

Are you ready? 

During the weeks of taking this course, it helped me to stop holding back and to be more transparent. I was looking for ways to express myself through my words and thoughts better. I was looking on ways to better grasp my readers and just be a better blogger.
— Andrea Cain of Naturalle Drea

Is this course for me? 

- Are you a writer that has been timid about sharing your work? 

- Are you a writer looking for a better connection between what's in your head and what comes out on the page?

- Are you a writer that's ready to stop second guessing and start writing? 

- Are you a writer that wants to write with more truth, transparency and authenticity? 

- Are you a writer that has wanted some accountability and coaching in your writing process?

This course is not about being on a certain level. It's about getting what's inside out and learning that what we have to say is more important than our fear. 

I have been struggling with my writing and how to capture my readers better. This course really helped me to understand how to use my words in ways I couldn’t of used them. I learned to open up more and it has been inspiring me more and just helped me start to become a better writer.
— In Bloom Student \ Anonymous

How will it work? 

- This course will be housed on Teachable. Each lesson will be uploaded on Tuesdays starting April 17th for four weeks. These are pre-recorded video sessions and the session will culminate with a live meeting on Tuesday, May 15. 

- A workbook will be provided to follow along. Each week will contain an assignment. 

- By the conclusion, all participants will have completed content piece that challenges the writer's fears for sharing


Week One - Seed Selection

  • The Inner Work
  • Finding the themes


Week Two - Sowing the Seed

  • Finding the Courage 
  • Selecting the Medium 
  • Goal Setting


Week Three - Cultivation

  • Consistency 
  • Exploring Your Unique Voice 
  • Editing 


Week Four - Harvest

  • Replanting
  • Branching Out
  • Impact
  • Spreading the Word

Bloom Pic

Ashley M. Coleman

Writer + Author 

Hey, I'm Ashley and I am a writer in bloom. It takes a lot to get comfortable enough to call yourself a writer. But once I made the decision, everything started to fall into place. Not only do I get to manage this awesome online space, I have had my work featured on, and few others. I've independently published two of my own books "Love on Purpose" and "Dear Love" and I've launched a digital magazine called "Permission to Write." 

I'm excited to be your coach, your accountability partner, your mentor over the course of this 4-week program. Let's produce a beautiful harvest together.