For Dreamer's Only

You don't have to be asleep to dream. Many of us wake up every day with the hope and expectation that this will indeed be the day that we catch them. A vigorous race to see all that we've planned and worked for manifest. Don't be afraid to dream and dream big. The world does not progress from those that maintain the status quo. It progresses from the thinkers, the visionaries, the doers, the dreamers. DREAM IN COLOR.

I don't take your inbox for granted. I promise. I have unsubscribed from so many things this year. So this newsletter only comes on the 1st and 15th doling out inspiration like paychecks. Don't ever worry about being overloaded, but if you are looking for some encouragement in your journey as a dreamer, you are in the right place!  



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A word from a dreamer

Each newsletter comes with an editor's note offering a word of encouragement. Sharing many of my personal revelations, thoughts, and musings throughout the month. Here you will find honesty, transparency and hopefully see some reflection of your own journey. 


 the writing 

You can also keep up with some of the latest blog posts here as well as receive writing prompts that will help you in your journey of becoming. Whether that's as a writer, dreamer, or business owner. Let's take some moments of assessment for ourselves to add to the pages of our journals.

Growing Into Grace Devotional

As if you needed more convincing, when you sign up you will also receive a copy of the Growing Into Grace devotional. It's all about grace not perfection. So enjoy this devotional material, space to write your thoughts, and past interviews from the Growing Into Grace blog series featuring GG Renee, Morgan Pitts, Sofiya Ballin and more.