Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Do you help other writers with developing their craft? 

Yes! In a myriad of different ways. 

Free Resources 

Paid Resources

  • Dreamer Sessions - One-on-One Consulting on personal blogging and self-publishing. 
  • The Writer, The Brand e-course. 
  • The Writer's Muse - in person writing workshop. 
  • Online workshops 

How can I get started on my blog? 

Well, I created a very simple quick start e-book that gives you all the basics in starting your blog including resources to get you started. You can purchase here. 

I want to self-publish a book, how do I get started? 

I also created a quick start e-book on self-publishing to help you get from conception to completion. You can purchase here. 

Do you accept submissions for posts on WriteLaughDream? 

Yes, on a very limited basis. In March and September I do a feature called Growing Into Grace with notable writers about the 5 Things They Know For Sure. I also accept submissions in the Dream, Dear Love and Journey of a Non-Believer sections. Download the guidelines here. 

Do you accept interns? 

Yes on the seasonal basis. Stay tuned for any announcements on upcoming opportunities. I recently filled the position for summer. 

Are you open to collaboration? 

Of course! It just needs to make sense for both brands and align with the mission and integrity of WriteLaughDream. If you have a thoughtful idea, send over a quick outline and if it makes sense to move forward, we can go from there. Let's chat about it.