Are you looking for a bit more individualized help to get your writing or blog to the next level? 

Tell me about you!  

I work with writers on a very limited bases because I believe that we should be a great fit for one another. I want to know a little more about what you're interested in working on. Complete the form below and you will have the chance to schedule a warm up session before we jump in for the long haul! 

  • Personal Bloggers
  • Authors  

If you are also looking for some general writing coaching, we can chat about that as well. 

Feedback from DREAMERS

"As a first-time author with a very unique project and timeline constraints, I needed to have access to someone flexible, patient, and engaging all at the same time.  She was honest, gave great feedback, identified growth opportunities, and was integral in the process from mid-inception to completion. I would not have become more knowledgeable about various avenues and processes of becoming an established author if it were not for her assistance."

-Marteena O., Author of E.C.H.O.


Dreamer sessions have helped me become more organized and hone in on my focus. Ashley has helped me see the strength in my writing that I may have not seen on my own. It's also helpful to bounce ideas off of someone who knows where you've been and can give suggestions about what to avoid.

-Edie King, Writer and Therapist, 



Dreamer Sessions include 60-min Google Hangout, 1-month email check-in and 30 min Wrap Up Session. 

I’ve been a writer since I can remember. I remember writing short stories in the notebooks that my mom would buy for me. I remember typing on the word processor at my best friend’s house and letting our imaginations run wild. I remember writing poetry that is laughable now, but at the time seemed really good. The fact of the matter is, I’ve been doing it for a while.

The idea of taking concepts from ideas to blog posts, social copy and even books, is so rewarding for me. I am enamored by the power of words on a page.

Writing is just like any other trade. Often times we go as far as we can on our own and we get to a place where we are not quite sure what’s next. We’re stuck in the process of being disciplined enough, or we are waiting for inspiration instead of being intentional with our writing. Sometimes we are looking for permission to even start and other times we just have no idea what tools to utilize to spread the word about our writing.

Scheduling a Dreamer Session is an opportunity to help you with what’s next.

In this three-month process, I work with writers in two areas:

Personal Bloggers

  • Here we can assess your personal blog.
  • We can edit for content. (Up to three (3) blog posts)
  • Work to streamline your message.
  • Work to connect your message more organically.
  • Audit your visual and social brand.
  • Improve your writing process and strategy.
  • Assess audience and marketing strategy.

Independent Authors

  • Here we can edit for content (Up to three (3) chapters)
  • Review your book outline.
  • Discuss options for self-publishing.
  • Discuss and brainstorm book promo and marketing plan.
  • Create a tangible writing schedule.


A few credentials …

Outside of creating content for my work has also been published on, Jump Magazine, and more. I obtained my B.A. in Broadcast, Telecommunications, and Mass Media from Temple University. I’ve created online courses, e-books, and facilitate a creative writing workshop entitled The Writer’s Muse. I've also independently published two books "Dear Love: A Love Letter to You" and "Love on Purpose."