Book Marketing Guide

Book Marketing Guide

I wanted to share a little about what I've learned through the process of marketing my self-published book. This guide gives insight on social media, email marketing, pre-sales and much more in regard to promoting your work. It also includes worksheets to begin planning your own book marketing plan. 


This guide gives you the quick start steps in order to get your book from conception to completion. Includes cost to expect, creating your outline, on-demand print services and more. 


You're looking for the steps to start your blog without all the fluff? This will give you the tools to get started right away. Includes information on purchasing your domain, forming your blog posts, and the important resources you need to start. 

Writers Write WLD is a writing challenge that I started to help encourage writers to write every day! The only way that we get better in our writing is to continuously exercise the muscle. Here I decided to put together in one place, two of the previous Writers Write challenges as well as some bonus material that you can work through on your own time! Take a moment to download the prompts and work through them at your own pace. They say it only takes 21 days to develop a habit. Here we are striving to create a writing habit that will help you in every area of your writing! Enjoy! And stay tuned to my social media for the next fresh Writers Write WLD challenge. 

Many of us as writers are natural introverts. So things like promoting our work don't always come easy. But I am here to tell you that no matter how great your writing is, writing a great piece is only the first step. I wrote a whole piece about the art of promotion and created some worksheets to really get your brain going. Just like anything, promotion takes skill, planning and strategy. If you took your time to write an insightful piece, you should give it due justice by figuring out creative ways to spread the word! Download the worksheets and you can take a peek at the post here