The Writer's Muse is a writing workshop that helps writers expand their creativity. Through prompts and exercises, I help writers use life as their creative influence, to use life as their muse! 

This workshop is an opportunity to network with other writers, exercise your writing muscle, and share your work and receive feedback. 

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The Writer-Preneur

Many of us start out just wanting to write. But as we grow and develop we realize that writing is who we are but also something we want to do. As a career and for money. But the important thing here is that we have to learn the discipline, strategy, and processes that it takes to be productive and consistent.

Discipline is a habit that we create. It will not just appear because we get our dream opportunity, so I wanted to let you into my process in hopes that you can create your own.  

This FREE 7-day email course contains instruction to help you whip your writing schedule into shape. 

I had the opportunity to team up with GG Renee of All the Many Layers to create the Digital Storytellers Masterclass, a three hour online workshop for writers who want to develop their craft, engage their ideal audience and affect the world with their words. 

This course covers storytelling, style, and strategy for those that are writers first, but also blog. Learn how to maneuver to create more opportunities, improve your written content and to discover your voice. 

Students receive a full workbook, the three-hour workshop and extensive course bonuses. Want to learn more? Click the button below! 

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You want to start a blog but you are not sure of the first steps to take? The Writer, The Brand walks you through the process and saves you time and research on launching. Get from ground zero to garnering buzz around your writing, fostering relationships through collaboration and opportunities for guest posting and/or freelancing.

If you are looking to strengthen your writing voice and learn to stick out in a crowded lane, this course is for you! 

In this e-course you will learn how to refine your personal writing voice, how to construct a two-page site on Squarespace, market and promote your blog and build beneficial collaborations.