Has it been a challenge to get the word out about your writing?

I had to learn how to make writing sexy. In this time, it is not enough to just write an amazing piece. You have to know how to market it. When you read mediocre work and wonder "how did this get here?" It's because they had a well thought out plan which will always outweigh just great writing. 

Think of your writing as the masterpiece and your marketing as the framing. You want to present your masterpiece in the best way possible and that's where content development and marketing strategy comes in. 

Let's work together to develop a plan to utilize your resources the best way possible to get the word out about your work. Here we can discuss: 

  • Developing an opt-in for your email list. 
  • Developing email content for your newsletter. 
  • Blogging
  • Community Building
  • Podcasting 
  • Content development for social 
  • Book marketing plan 

Let's develop a strategy that cultivates your ideal reader.

I believe in making sure we're a good fit. So complete the form below and let's schedule a time to chat more about your project in depth.