Are you a writer looking for direction or feedback on a book project or personal blog?

I hesitate to use the work coach, because it sounds pretentious to me, however, it's the reality of the work that I do with writers through my writing community and one-on-one. 

Writing is just like any other trade. Often times we go as far as we can on our own and we get to a place where we are not quite sure what’s next. We’re stuck in the process of being disciplined enough, or we are waiting for inspiration instead of being intentional with our writing. Sometimes we are looking for permission to even start and other times we just have no idea what tools to utilize to spread the word about our writing.

This is your opportunity to have an accountability partner in that process. This one-on-one session gives you the opportunity to set the agenda and includes an intro call, 60-minute google hangout, 1-month check in, and 30 minute wrap up call. 


Why am I qualified to help?

Outside of creating content for my work has also been published on, Jump Magazine, and more. I obtained my B.A. in Broadcast, Telecommunications, and Mass Media from Temple University. I’ve created online courses, e-books, and facilitate a creative writing workshop entitled The Writer’s Muse. I've also independently published two books "Dear Love: A Love Letter to You" and "Love on Purpose." 

Writing is a profession that involves a great deal of solitude. We have to get in the right mind state, find the time, and get some peace and quiet if we're lucky to get the work done. But your best work usually manifests by gaining insight from a mentor or editor. The most successful writers are the result of those great partnerships. It's not about your talent, we know that's evident, but it's the ability of a coach or editor to approach the project with new eyes that's most beneficial. Their job is to help you effectively communicate your idea to your audience. 

Let's create a great work together.  

In this process, you get to set the agenda. It's not about a pre-packaged plan. But here are areas that we can work together on to bring out the best in your writing. 

  • Review or develop your book outline 
  • Refine your book concept 
  • Identify your ideal reader 
  • Content Editing (3-5 Chapters) 
  • Content Development for overall project.

“As a first-time author with a very unique project and timeline constraints, I needed to have access to someone flexible, patient, and engaging all at the same time. She was honest, gave great feedback, identified growth opportunities, and was integral in the process from mid-inception to completion. I would not have become more knowledgeable about various avenues and processes of becoming an established author if it were not for her assistance.”

— -Marteena O., Author of E.C.H.O.

Personal blogging is unique. We are selling stories as opposed to beauty, lifestyle, services or products. There is an art to it. How do you make your personal stories connect to your reader and ignite a fire in them to return over and over again? 

After over four years of blogging, I've learned a thing or two about building a personal blogging platform. If you have felt stagnant in your work, we can work together to produce growth. 

You set the agenda, but here are a few things we can discuss. 

  • Streamlining your message/niche
  • Site audit 
  • Strategy to connect with your ideal reader 
  • Strategy for consistent posting 
  • Content Editing (3 to 5 blog posts) 

Edie King Circle
Dreamer sessions have helped me become more organized and hone in on my focus. Ashley has helped me see the strength in my writing that I may have not seen on my own. It’s also helpful to bounce ideas off of someone who knows where you’ve been and can give suggestions about what to avoid.
— Edie R. King, Writer and Therapist