Bio/About Me Writing.

We all have a story to tell.


That story has the ability to make or break your first impression for your next gig, pitch or if you're a blogger, your reader!  Your bio should be able to convey who you are and what you're able to do in a very short amount of space, while also giving a glimpse into your personality. 

I can help you with your personal bio or your "About Me" for your blog, so that you can eloquently express who you are to the world. I've worked with bloggers, musicians, TV personalities, and artists. It's all about finding the most exciting way to tell your story! 


In addition to the creation of the bio, I can also lay the bio out into a one sheet for your own distribution. Check out a few examples below. 


Freelance Writing

Blogs are one of the best marketing tools for your brand or business. But that doesn’t always mean that you have the time that it takes to spend crafting useful content. That’s where a freelance writer comes in! 

I have worked with small businesses and personal brands to create written blog material. Let me take your ideas and concepts and turn them into robust blog posts that will help build more connection with your audience and be the perfect support to your brand. I can also pitch you on ideas to help reach your target audience. 

Hiring a writer is not about your lack of ability, it’s about the fact that you have other tasks to tend to, so why not let someone who LOVES to write, help you build out your blog? 

Posts start at $50/post for under 1,000 words. 

Schedule a Warm Up Session so that we can talk more about your specific needs.