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Week One - August  1

Monday - 8/1

Telling Your Own Story

On Solange’s 30th birthday, she took us through various points of her life explaining very simply what mindstate she was in or the major thing that happened. Highlighting some of her most important experiences. You can check it out here.

What stuck out to me the most was taking ownership of your own story. People’s perception of you is their reality, which could be completely different than actual reality. I want you to take the time to think about yours. What is your story? How would you tell it? Let’s break it up into short age groups in that same way. What was the most monumental thing that happened in that time? What was your thought process? What were other people telling you you were during that time?

Let’s tell our own story. Feel free to break out certain ages if something specific happened that you would like to document during that time.






If older … current status …


14- Wildly afraid and started high school

17 - Fell in love with a boy

18 - Buried a best friend

18-21 - Figured out somewhat what being an adult kind of meant

21-25 - Loved, got confused, lost love, found God

25- Found love again for forever

30 - Redefining life for me, solidifying forever


Tuesday 8/2 - What I wish I knew at 18.

Wednesday 8/3 - What I wish I knew at 21.

Thursday 8/4 - My biggest lesson from my first love.

Friday 8/5 - The moment when I felt the most stagnant and stuck, what helped me get over and through was …

Saturday 8/6 - What people said about me that couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Sunday 8/7 - The one that got away was …

Week Two - August 8

Monday - 8/8

To have become who you are

Hannah Brencher wrote an amazing post on voice which I super recommend you read if it is something that you still struggle with and even if you don’t. Lol. It’s just an amazing read.

I love what she did at the end here which was talk about all of the experiences that a person would have had to go through in order to write from her voice. I just recently spoke about that fact in regard to “success stories.” We most often try to eat up words of advice, but people’s success often comes from the intersection of a unique set of experiences that are pretty much impossible to recreate. Yes we can use tips, but we have to know how to work them into our own experience.

In either case, building off the first exercise, which should be more short and concise. I want you to lay it out like Hannah did here in paragraph form. What did you have to endure to come to this very moment of who you are?


For anyone to write from my voice, they would have had to grow up in the tough, gray city of Philadelphia. Navigating the public school system as a highly developed academic while still trying just to be accepted. You would have to know the trips with my mother to the library and the feeling of being enveloped in the stories of Babysitters and Goosebumps. They would have to know what it’s like to worry everyday because their dad is a police officer in one of the deadliest cities. They would have had to fall in love in the summer of 10th grade with a little muslim boy who helped her grow into herself. And they would have had to answer the door to see their neighbor standing there, telling her that her best friend died of meningitis in the 11th grade and fall to the ground while crying out to for her parents. They would have to know what it’s like to start college while their parents’ marriage is seemingly falling apart. Only to see the true resilience of love when they decided to get back together. They would have to know what it’s like to lose your first love of 8 years and to find your husband through learning what it is to love God. And a lot more where that came from to ever know what it is like to write from this voice.


Tuesday 8/9 - What I love most about the place I was born/raised …  

Wednesday 8/10 - The moment when I saw my parents as people instead of superheroes.

Thursday 8/11 - The day that I found my voice was, (or are you still searching to find it?)

Friday 8/12 - The three most influential times of my life so far.

Saturday 8/13 - First love, real love, where is love?

Sunday 8/14 - The thing that I didn’t realize would be so hard about life was ...



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Week Three - August 15 

Monday - 8/15


I turned 30 this year. I know, shocking right? Be nice! Nonetheless, I feel like my 20s were all about thinking I had it all figured out only to learn that I knew nothing at all. But 30 somehow flipped this switch for me.

At this time in my life, I get to define exactly who it is that I want to be. Independent from how I was raised, mistakes that I may have made, and anyone’s popular opinion. At this very moment in time, I get to choose. And it feels like a moment of breathing in fresh air after suffocating under the pressures of everything I thought I should be.

Who is it that you want to be? What is standing in the space between who you are and who you want to be? What are the actionable steps you need to take to get there? And what exactly are you struggling with letting go of that may be stifling your progress?

Take a moment to explore that in writing today.

I’ve learned that just because things are the way they are, doesn’t mean that how they always have to be.


Tuesday 8/16 - When my actions and my intent don’t line up.

Wednesday 8/17 - The self-sabotaging behavior that I need to release is …

Thursday 8/18 - I have always thought that I was defined by …

Friday 8/19 - I’ve learned that what I’m really defined by is …

Saturday 8/20 - The was a shift in who I knew myself to be when …

Sunday 8/21 - In this space in time, I would define myself as …

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Week Four - August 22

Monday - 8/22

Exploring the themes

One of the things that I love about journaling daily is being able to discover some of the themes in my writing and thought process over a period of time. What has been daunting for me? What seems to be unresolved? What’s most important to me right now?

I want you to take some time to review all of the writing exercises from this month and write out the themes in your tone, voicing, thought process. Whatever it is that you see, explore it and think about what to do with that info that can be helpful to your process.


Tuesday 8/23 - When I stare in the mirror, I most often think to myself?

Wednesday 8/24 - When it’s quiet my mind typically goes to …

Thursday 8/25 - My most favorite phrase or word at the moment to use is …. (What’s its origin? When do you most often use it?)

Friday 8/26 - When I put it all together, in these three words I am …

Saturday 8/27 - My most productive repeated pattern …

Sunday 8/28 - My most destructive repeated pattern …


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  • Feel free to write just in your journal, on your blog, or on social media using the hashtag #writerswritewld.